A Unique
Technology to Attack
the Source Code

Offensive 360 doesn’t require you to build the code, create packages, or waste time configuring scans or writing queries to minimize false positives. Offensive 360 is smart enough to understand the source code, attack it, and uncover 10 times more vulnerabilities than what premium tools in the market do. (Don’t take our word for it; schedule a demo and see what O360 can do for yourself.)


Lines take less than 6 minutes


Faster and accurate than any tool in the market, YES, we tested them


Carefully Crafted Scanners to Uncover Vulnerabilities

The Brain Technology

Decision-Making Based on the Source Code Context

Trusted by many

European Commission

What Makes O360 unique

Complete Privacy

O360 works 100% without the Internet; Malware, software composition analysis, Source code, and license analysis all work without the Internet unless you click the update button so the code doesn’t leave your machine. It is fully on-prem or on Cloud end-to-end encrypted.

No Limitation

O’360 Offers Unrestricted SAST Technology – No Limits on Lines of Code, Projects, or Developers.

Smart Compilers Technology

O360 is designed with a security-focused mindset, using a unique approach to perform static code analysis through virtual compilers. These native, intelligent virtual compilers don’t require the creation of queries and are self-contained, eliminating the need for human involvement. Virtual compilers can track the application’s execution flow, trace user input, and inspect how the source code processes it.

All-in-one SAST Components

O360 provides an all-in-one solution for scanning source code from all angles, including examining embedded binaries for malware or malicious code, inspecting open-source components, and performing license analysis. We also assert that O360 can detect security flaws that even skilled application security testing consultants may find challenging to uncover.

Inclusive Language Support

Offensive 360 offers your preferred languages and connects effortlessly with your tools, pipelines, and workflows.
O360 supports more than 20 different programming languages and various different programming frameworks.


There’s more to O360

High Speed
No packing or build is required
Every file gets analyzed
Scons everything
<1% False Positive

Workflow of O360


Submit the code

Firstly, Upload or pull the source code, and this is all of what you have to do; the rest of the steps are on the O’360 side.


Code Restructure

Secondly, O360 will start to structure it after submitting the code.


Code To Brain

Thirdly, the brain is the middleware, responsible for understanding and sending the code to the engines that include Malware,SCA, source code and License analysis.


Virtual Compilers

Furthermore, after the brain passed the source code to the corresponding engines where the virtual compilers start to build and attack the code.


AI Verification

Moreover, AI verification checks on the given results.


Results To Brain​

Furthermore, O360 pass results to the brain again for further processing and analysis on the outcome


Restructure Result

Second last step to restructuring the results.


Presenting Result

To conclude, o360 presents the findings. Melware, Vulnerable dependencies, security flaws in the source code, and the License analysis

Challenges O360 Can Solve

Offensive 360 provides you and your team with deeper insights into the source code of your applications. Regardless of how complex your software is, O360 has got you covered.

O360 finds vulnerabilities based on the app context


Able to analyze embedded binaries where it always gets missed from the SAST solutions


Complete visibility of the open-source components


Analyzing All Licenses Used in the Project with Machine Learning Methods

Integrating O360 into the DevSecOps

O360 provides a robust and flexible API

O360 is easy to set up and use, functioning on raw source code to detect malware, vulnerable dependencies, security flaws, and licenses. It also integrates seamlessly with many existing DevOps environments and CI/CD pipelines, making it easy for developers to plug and play.

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