Offensive 360

Our life runs on code, and we secure it!

Our Story

Offensive 360 began in 2017 as a university research project by security researchers in the industry. This solution was developed to fill the gap in source code parsing. We created a unique methodology by developing a virtual compiler for each language we process, allowing us to connect the points for Data Flow Graph (DFG) analysis. In simple terms, Offensive 360 “understands” the source code, unlike other tools that process the source code as textual data.

We observed a need in the market for a single solution that not only analyzes the source code but also detects malware, performs Software Composition Analysis (SCA), inspects open-source libraries, and conducts license checks. Offensive 360 offers all of these features in one place, with a single subscription and without imposing any limits on the lines of code or the number of scans.


Our vision is to become the leading SAST company in the market and to make our technology accesiable, revolutionizing the way organizations secure their source code without the need to think about the budget of how many projects they can scan or how many lines of code they have. We aim to deliver cutting-edge technology that empowers developers to create and maintain secure, reliable, and efficient applications.


Our mission is to equip developers and organizations with an advanced SAST solution that streamlines the process of detecting and addressing security vulnerabilities in their source code. We pledge to remain at the forefront of technology, nurture secure development practices, and adapt to the evolving threat landscape to safeguard digital assets and promote a resilient application ecosystem.

We've spent years in research to create an all-in-one product that is affordable to any organisation with the best quality ever in the industry.

Our Product

All in one solution to secure and harden your source code on any scale.


Lines of code analyzed




Avg. scanning duration for 1M LOC


False positive rate

On-prem or Cloud

NO installation is needed as O’360 comes already installed in a customized kernel that is already configured; you download and run. The portable installation you can take with you to do code review even in your customers’ computers (WE come from consulting background and know exactly what the consultant needs). We understand the privacy of your source code is essential. That’s why we created an on-prem version (it works even without the internet ) unless you want to use the cloud version which’s end-to-end secured and encrypted.​​

Meet Our Partners

We partner with trusted industry leaders from all around the world.

ReConfirm industry-leading digital threat detection and protection platform

Seclinq performs advanced offensive security operations that go beyond standard scanning

“We’ve created O360 as a combination of security research, computer science, and consulting needs to have an all-in-one product for attacking the source code without wasting time on installation or packaging or creating builds; O’360 offers a unique  technology to attack the source code from all corners with 100% privacy and affordable cost”

Research Team