#1 Secure Code Analysis
That Understands the Code!

There is no need for installation. Both the cloud-based and on-premises versions are set up for you. It’s plug-and-play without an internet connection, putting you in control of your source code.

Offensive 360 is All About Attacking the Code Itself from All Angles

We’ve spent years researching and developing an all-in-one product that is affordable for any organization, offering the best quality ever seen in the SAST industry.

We’ve spent years in research to create an all-in-one product that is affordable to any organization with the best quality ever in the industry.

Trusted by many

European Commission

All-in-One Solution to Secure and Harden Your Source Code on Any Scale

O’360 conducts an in-depth source code examination, identifying flaws in the open-source components used in your project. In addition, it offers malware analysis, licensing analysis, and IaC, all enabled by our “Brain” technology.

What Makes O360 Unique

Offensive360 is developed by cybersecurity researchers, not by investors. It is unlimited, as we don’t charge you based on lines of code, projects, or users. Moreover, O360 identifies vulnerabilities that most SAST tools in the market would never find.

High Speed
No packing or build is required
Every file gets analyzed
Malware scanning‚Äč

Ensure Security Throughout the Entire Development Lifecycle

Offensive 360 supports your preferred languages and integrates seamlessly with your tools, pipelines, and workflows.

A unique technology that understands source code

We’ve designed virtual compilers for each language we support from the ground up. Some languages, such as JavaScript, took us two years to handle. What you’re getting here is not just another SAST tool; it’s a security mentor working with your team to develop secure source code.

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Do you want to know more about what O360 can do?

Feel free to book a demo, where one of our researchers can walk you through what O360 can do in detail and answer any technical or non-technical questions you might have.