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API Security: Best Practices You Must Know

What Is API Security API Security is the use of any security practice relating to application...

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Best Practices for Code Review You Really Need

The software development process consists of many activities – one of them (and in our opinion)...

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Application Security Audit Checklist Template

In this article, the Application Security Audit Checklist Template will cover. In today’s...

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Most Common Vulnerabilities in Java and How to Fix

It’s easy to think that our code is secure. Most Common Vulnerabilities in Java or potential...

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How to Detect Malicious Source Code

Today, modern technology has become an inseparable aspect of our lives. As a result, it’s...

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CI/CD Pipelines Security Best Practices

For organizations that have embraced DevOps, the CI/CD pipeline is the foundation of the...

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5 Most Common Vulnerabilities in PHP Code

Vulnerabilities in PHP code are usually caused by a mistake that a developer made when writing the...

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Offensive 360 Virtual Compilers

Source code analysis and binary analysis are important to highlight flaws in software without...

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Second-Order SQL Injection Attack – Explained With Examples

Second-Order SQL Injection Attack inserts SQL language code into data requests, causing the...

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